Halloween LED Purge Mask

$19.99 $39.99

LED Purge Mask was inspired by The Purge: Election Year movie. We are now bringing this upgraded Halloween Purge Mask back to fashion.

This Halloween™ LED Purge Mask is perfect for:

  • Taking amazing and unique one of a kind photos
  • Light-up the crowd at raves and festivals
  • Get noticed at parties or events
  • Completely amaze your friends this Halloween 2019

NEW!!- We've innovated our design and now made a more durable matte acrylic plastic material for a longer lasting mask! Not only that, the new design is now more appealing with the lavishing matte. We've also slightly widened the eyes for a more clear look.


    • Our advanced LED Lights are woven into the mask allowing the mask to be more durable and longer lasting.
    • The LED lights do not affect eyesight as the lights are on the opposite side of the mask.
    • Use up to 7 hours in the brightest capacity setting.
    • Our Adjustable Nylon Strap allows you to easily adjust this mask for small, medium, and large sized heads.
    • Multiple colors to choose from Blue, Red, YELLOW, PURPLE, PINK, GREEN, WHITE, ICE BLUE
    • Two AA batteries are required for operation (batteries not included). 

    #1. We only use safe LED that do not emit harmful rays to the eyes. The problem with a lot of LED masks is that the LED can be harmful to the eye if not manufactured right. We use a smart protective layer film in our LED that maintain the masks brightness but doesn't emit harmful rays.

    #2. We have the most durable mask. PVC is universally known to be one the most easily breakable plastics on the market. That's why for our mask we use a strong durable matte acrylic plastic material that maintains the masks shinyness while being resistant to breaking.